LEAP Impact Report:

Phase One Highlights Jan 2017-Jun 2017

LEAP (Local Energy Advice Programme) is a free of charge service offered by local authorities and social landlords to fuel poor and vulnerable residents, offering them important advice, support and free energy saving measures. Created and managed by AgilityEco, LEAP is a fully funded, council-led, national fuel poverty alleviation and outreach service delivered in association with a number of partners including Groundwork, IncomeMax, Energy Projects Plus and Bierce.

Thanks to the generous financial support of six major energy companies, LEAP is providing vital help and support to vulnerable families. In the UK today, there are currently four million households in fuel poverty. These households are unable to keep their homes warm and comfortable, leading to a number of adverse effects including ill health.

LEAP aims to reach out to households like these and create a warmer, healthier and happier environment for vulnerable people living in cold homes.

Our Impact Report provides an overview of LEAP's award-winning achievements during Phase One (January 2017 - June 2017).

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