Changes to the Green Deal Cashback Scheme

Yesterday DECC announced an extension to Green Deal Cashback Scheme, an increase in some of the funding rates, as well as a number of other important changes to the details of the scheme.

The Green Deal Cashback (GDC) Scheme is a first-come, first-served offer where householders in England and Wales can claim cash back from Government on energy saving improvements like insulation, windows and boilers. Its primary purpose is to stimulate uptake of Green Deal Plans. However, under the rules of the scheme, homeowners, social landlords and private landlords can also benefit from cashback covering up to 50% (now changed to two thirds) of the cost of measures they install, up to a maximum of approximately £165,000 (the EU State Aid “de minimis” threshold).

AgilityEco, as a registered Green Deal Provider that is accredited under the GDC, has helped a number of its clients to secure significant sums of money under this cashback scheme.


  • Application deadline extended to 30th June 2014, with the redemption deadline being 30th September 2014
  • New improved rates for some qualifying measures (Solid Wall Insulation, Double Glazing, Room-in-Roof Insulation, Flat Roof Insulation*) 
  • New improved rates can be applied if the application has been made or redeemed after 13th December 2013
  • From April 1st, Green Deal Cashback and ECO cannot be claimed for the same installation
  • The cap on the proportion of the installation cost that can be funded through GDC has increased from half to two thirds of the total cost. For example, in order to get the maximum £4,000 for SWI the cost (net of ECO funding) should be at least £6,000 – whereas this would in the past have been £8,000

*Note that changes have also been announced for Loft Insulation, Floor insulation, Secondary glazing, Heating Controls, Flue gas heat recovery, Waste water heat recovery systems, High performance replacement doors.


If you have ECO-funded works that are being carried out or are about to be carried out, we would be happy to discuss whether there is an opportunity to help you secure GDC funding. The opportunity is particularly strong until 31st March, where installations can receive funding under both GDC and ECO. Between April and September, GDC is likely to be (up to the above cap), a much funding better alternative than ECO for some measures such as solid wall insulation. As always, we are happy to advise you on your best value options.