Today (Monday 8th November) AgilityEco launched its annual Impact Report revealing that between April 2020 and March 2021, its work on ECO (Energy Company Obligation) and fuel poverty programmes resulted in just over £200 million worth of total lifetime bill savings for households in vulnerable circumstances across Britain.

Its collective fuel poverty programmes were able to serve over 44,000 vulnerable households despite the challenges caused by the pandemic, averaging a total lifetime savings per household (for those receiving measures and advice) of approximately £6,500.

AgilityEco’s latest impact report looks in detail at how its projects and community programmes responded to the pandemic and continued to deliver extraordinary levels of social impact, broadening and adapting the depth and variety of support offered to fuel poor and vulnerable households.

The Impact Report once again reinforces AgilityEco’s commitment to play a major role in eliminating fuel poverty and deliver tangible and permanent improvements for low income and vulnerable households and to prepare Britain’s homes for Net Zero. AgilityEco is pleased that its commitment to delivering and quantifying its social and environmental impact is supported by Bridges Evergreen, who joined as a strategic investor in November 2019.

Tom Biddle, Partner and Head of Bridges Evergreen, said: “AgilityEco has performed brilliantly, delivering tangible social and environmental outcomes at scale. Despite the Covid-related challenges of the past six months, the team has demonstrated the tremendous positive impact that their community programmes bring to so many households in vulnerable situations. We look forward to continuing to support AgilityEco’s efforts to deepen their positive impact on people and the planet.”

Gearóid Lane, CEO, AgilityEco said: “Each year, we help improve the lives of tens of thousands of households living in cold, damp homes, so we see first-hand the awful impacts of the choice between heating and eating. Our vision is for everyone to live in a warm, efficient and healthy home. We believe by reducing utility bills through energy efficiency and helping people stay warm and well, we’ll be able to support the most vulnerable in society. Our Impact Report shows that in some cases, the effect our work has had on people’s lives has been life-changing and I’m proud that we have been able to do so much during such a challenging period.

“We have only been able to achieve these results by bringing together high-quality vulnerable customer support, funding and delivery of energy efficiency measures and local partnerships with local authorities, charities and social enterprises. We’ve relied heavily on our close relationships with many partners to deliver this level of impact in the past year, and while the numbers in our Impact Report are impressive, we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that the impact on the most vulnerable members of our society is paramount.”