Growth, opportunities and support for retrofit companies within energy efficiency

With the government’s plan to install 600,000 heat pumps per year by 2028, there continues to be growth and further opportunities for supply chain businesses to receive regular work. To hit these targets, the government has continued its investment in energy efficiency.

Phase 2 of the government’s Home Upgrade Grant (HUG), a pot of up to £630 million, has now been awarded to successful local authorities to improve the energy performance and heating systems of off-gas grid homes in England.

Phase 3 of the Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery (LAD) Scheme has allocated nearly £300 million to help support low income and low energy performance homes with a focus on energy performance certificate (EPC) ratings of E, F or G.

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) 4 scheme aims to tackle fuel poverty and help reduce carbon emissions. This scheme allows eligible households to receive thousands of pounds of heating, insulation and renewables upgrades, depending on household eligibility.

The heat pump industry has received a boost with the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) being extended for a further 3 years to 2028 - this offers a £5,000 grant towards eligible air source heat pump (ASHP) installations. An additional £30 million is being invested to try and catalyse private investment into UK heat pump manufacturing. An even bigger driver may be a revised consultation on the Clean Heat Market Mechanism, which from 2024 will require boiler manufacturers to sell more green heating products.

Delivering heat pumps through supply chain partners

AgilityEco works with over 70 installation partners across Britain for grant programmes funded by HUG, LAD, ECO and BUS to deliver air source heat pumps to eligible households. They are all Trustmark registered and comply with our requirements for capability and capacity, Health & Safety, PAS 2030 compliance, customer care and value for money. These accreditations ensure that AgilityEco’s supply chain network act with the utmost professionalism and care for vulnerable customers.

AgilityEco offers expertise and support to its supply chain partners to implement and deliver their growth plans and inform them of the latest phases of each funding stream. If you’d like to work with AgilityEco, please contact us.

Why heat pumps WILL save energy and reduce carbon footprint?

Heat pumps operate by using a small amount of electricity to draw in energy from the air outside into a home. For each unit of electricity used, over 3 units of heat are delivered into the heating and hot water system. This is far more efficient than traditional heating systems such as gas boilers, and compared with electric heating systems, they use over 60% less electricity. As such, air source heat pumps could help customers lower their energy use, in turn, reducing their carbon footprint.

Our partnership with heat pump specialists, Alto Energy, ensures that eligible properties receive insulation and heat pumps through their Alto Assured installers.  They use their expertise to design a system bespoke to the property, that achieves a satisfactory level of heating throughout the house.  

AgilityEco’s Impact

AgilityEco manages retrofit programmes on behalf of 30 local authorities.  These schemes offer energy efficiency measures including air source heat pumps, insulation, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, heating controls, small energy-saving measures and energy bill advice.

In total, these programmes have contributed to supporting nearly 50,000 households in need of help.

Here is what some of our customers have had to say:

Fred, East Wittering said:

“Since having a heat pump installed, my energy bills have gone down by 50% and the EPC rating of my home has gone from an E to a C. One of the things that I found incredible about air source heat pumps is that for each unit of electricity you use, you get three units of heat in return. This has seen my energy consumption plummet.”

Fred has also seen a big difference in how much electricity he’s using.

“I've compared April 2023 with the same month last year. 40% less electricity consumed. Getting solar panels was definitely one of my better decisions.”

Miss H, Winchester said:

“Having our new air source heat pump has made the world of difference to our lives. Our installer Greg from Aura Gas was so professional and tidy. We barely noticed that he was there, and he was so polite. He installed the air source heat pump in just four days! The heat pump is so easy to use. We barely notice when it’s on and have had no complaints about noise from the neighbours. It has helped to reduce our energy bills and has also added value to our home. I’d definitely recommend applying to the programme if you meet the eligibility criteria.”

Anya from Suffolk:

“To my amazement (I never really believed it would work) it heated up 250L of cold water in 50 minutes with an outside temperature of two degrees!”

FInd out more about our heat pump schemes by visiting the Connected for Warmth website.