AgilityEco presents its social and environmental impact in 2018

Our activities delivered a 700% social return on investment last year. 

We've measured the impact performance of our activities during 2018 against the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and we're proud of the contribution that our activities make in tackling today’s pressing social, economic and environmental challenges. Here are our top impact highlights from 2018.

  • Over the year, we installed 93,809 energy efficiency measures, achieving 767,937 tonnes of lifetime carbon abatement
  • £177 million of lifetime energy bill savings were created
  • 15,886 fuel poor and vulnerable households received visits from us - 53% were elderly, disabled or had health issues
  • We unlocked £35 million in funding for our clients and partners and supported 636 jobs.

You can click on the graphic below to see a full list, and view how our performance in 2018 aligned with the UN's SDGs.