Making Homes Energy Efficient Since 2013.

Since its inception in 2013, the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) has been making a significant impact in the lives of homeowners. Over the years, it has successfully delivered a remarkable 3.6 million energy-saving measures to 2.4 million households.

The most popular types of measures installed under ECO have been:

  • Cavity wall insulations: 1.03 million installations
  • Gas boilers: 827,000 installations
  • Loft insulations: 687,000 installations
  • Other heating measures: 654,000 installations

At AgilityEco, we strive to ensure an efficient and streamlined process for energy suppliers and homeowners alike. Here are the key features of ECO:

Most suppliers use contracts with third parties to deliver their obligations, usually through intermediary managing agents such as AgilityEco. Managing agents play a crucial role in coordinating the efforts of local installers, ensuring compliance with Ofgem guidelines, managing technical monitoring, and meeting required work volumes.

We have been working closely with UK energy companies since 2013. Our compliance process is second to none and we have an excellent funding and support process for contractors. The strong and longstanding partnerships we have with multiple energy suppliers is testament to our expertise and efficiency at managing energy company obligations.


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