Social Housing Providers

We have worked with numerous housing associations and social landlords based across the UK to improve the energy efficiency of their housing stock, reduce emissions and meet sustainability targets, in turn helping those tenants facing fuel poverty.

As an approved provider under the government’s Green Deal scheme , we can  advise on and secure funding for organisations, including funding available through ECO. 

By installing energy efficiency measures, social housing providers can improve the Energy Performance Certificate rating and desirability of their housing stock for future residents whilst ensuring that tenants are warm, comfortable and paying less for their energy. This is becoming increasingly important in times of rising energy prices, particularly for older properties and for elderly, disabled or vulnerable tenants. Acting to improve the energy efficiency of housing and building stock is a legal requirement on both public and private sector landlords under legislation such as the Energy Act 2011 and the Home Energy Conservation Act 2013.

Helping social housing providers achieve building efficiency

We start by understanding your strategies, objectives and needs through an initial consultation followed by detailed research of your housing and building stock data. We then determine the funding options available to you and present a range of options for delivering energy efficiency and low carbon improvements.

Once you have decided on a way forward, we conduct detailed field survey work required to assess the cost of works and funding potential. The AgilityEco project team then obtains multiple quotes from energy providers and supply chain partners to ensure you get the very best value for improvements to your housing and building stock. Our delivery timeline and our flexible approach means that we can provide you with solutions for all or part of the delivery process.

Find out how we have helped social housing providers.