Managing Obligations

The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) creates a legal obligation on the largest energy suppliers to fund energy and fuel-saving improvements, helping low income and vulnerable households effectively heat their homes. Assistance is provided in the form of funding heating upgrades as well improving building fabric through insulation works (ECO ‘qualifying actions’). 

AgilityEco has long-term, trusted relationships with many of the energy suppliers and contracts to provide them with ECO ‘qualifying actions’ to meet their obligations. We are unique from other organisations operating in this sector due to our unmatched experience in the utilities sector, coupled with a deep knowledge of the UK Government’s carbon reduction obligations

We have an extensive pipeline of ECO ‘qualifying actions’ from our own managed energy efficiency projects, our community outreach programmes such as LEAP and finally projects managed by our network of approved installers. Our stringent quality and compliance standards developed with several years of experience ensure that our ECO funding is timely, secure and always best value. 

Whether you are an energy company requiring assistance to meet your obligations, an installer in need of ECO funding and support, a private landlord or a housing provider looking for funding support for retrofit projects, we can help.

Our highly-skilled ECO funding team is always on hand to manage and help you navigate the complex compliance requirements of ECO funding. 

For support with ECO, please get in touch.


How we help

...Housing Providers:

We help social housing providers, private landlords and local authorities to understand the scope for ECO-funded energy efficiency retrofits to their housing stock, to develop and deliver the retrofit projects and to unlock the ECO funding to subsidise these projects in whole or in part. Whether this involves simple cavity wall and loft insulation projects, or complex community schemes, we have the skills, resources and partners to deliver transformational energy efficiency schemes across Britain.


Through our strong trusted relationships with energy companies we have access to competitively priced ECO funding on an ongoing basis. We help installers to access this funding through managing the complex compliance process and energy company relationships, to ensure they can provide the best possible value on energy efficiency improvements to their customers.

...Energy Companies: 

Our years of experience in the energy efficiency market coupled with our strong relationships with housing providers and local installers enable us to provide high quality, competitively-priced carbon credits to meet their ECO targets.